Hezner takes pride in offering high quality, comprehensive architectural services that are structured to serve the best interest of our clients.

Hezner approaches projects with the understanding that planning, design and construction are all part of the same integral and methodical process. We begin with appropriate background research, clear expectations, and sound comprehensive planning as this lays the groundwork for successful decision making.

 Our process focuses on methodical and creative conceptual designs, informed and deliberate design development, and meticulously prepared construction documents that substantiate and define project scope. Sound construction documentation can never be trivialized, it clearly delineates intent and expectations, sets the standards from which a project will proceed, and creates dependable guidelines for contractors to follow. While planning and construction documentation is developed, cost analysis tracks along side. Project cost analysis starts with current and legitimate costs for materials, equipment, and labor, and is not based upon mystical square foot factors that are often out of date and under researched. We know that prudent and practical construction management comes from knowledge. Experience and effort is what keeps a project under control. These beliefs, and our informed approach, result in projects that have fewer conflicts or construction delays.

Our firm has worked through time with the goal of providing a comprehensive and ethical process. People have a hard time wrapping their minds around this but it can, and does, happen. We want the projects we are involved with to stand the test of time and strengthen our relationships with each client we serve. The Hezner Corporation believes in providing comprehensive design packages incorporating all building and supplementary systems including, but not limited to: Custom Storage Solutions, Structured Cable Systems, Access Control, Furniture Systems, Signage, Telephone and Communications Systems, Security Alarm Configurations, and Video Surveillance Systems. We have considerable experience working with all types of equipment and systems and have the in-house knowledge required to collaborate successfully with project engineers and specialized contractors. This helps us integrate all required systems and equipment into the budgeting process and construction document development before documentation goes out for bid. All systems and general construction work are fully coordinated. Everything is scrutinized and evaluated during the planning and budgeting process based upon the best interests of our clients. As the client’s representative and agent, we feel it is our duty to do everything in our power to make sure the project runs according to plan. This direct involvement creates a high quality and professionally delivered project, and when issues arise our clients know that we will always attend to them in an efficient and professional manner.

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