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The United Methodist Church of Libertyville commissioned The Hezner Corporation to establish a master plan that would address incremental growth and maximize the expansion opportunities on their current site. The functions and needs of the church were studied, analyzed, and matched with the desires of the congregation for the accommodation of phased growth, types of activities, scheduling of activities, layered usage of the facilities, adjacencies, and parking. The result of the research and analysis is a master development plan that addresses and accommodates all programmed functions, incremental growth, maximum growth on the current site, the potential for land acquisition, additional parking, code reviews, and project cost opinions. In 2009 The Hezner Corporation completed Phase I of this project which included a new elevator and stair core for accessibility accommodation, new entrance improvements, a new classroom, and necessary infrastructural improvements that will allow the church some time to make good decisions involving the future of their facilities. Fundraising for subsequent phases of this project remain ongoing.

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