In 2023 The Village of Mundelein approached the Hezner Corporation to develop planning and design concepts for a 6-acre site in downtown Mundelein known as the bank triangle. The goal for the project was to show community leaders and developers potential redevelopment opportunities that exist on this currently under developed site. Hezner developed multiple options showing the vast potential the site had to offer. Conceptually, the site was divided into four areas: A 200 unit multifamily residential structure with a 4 story, 600 space, parking structure located on the north end of the site; 50,000 sf of retail and entertainment spaces located along Seymour & Hawley streets; A 20,000 sf multi use flexible assembly and entertainment space to the east; And a large public amenity space central to the site. Along with the potential planning and building concepts, Hezner worked to incorporate the idea of place making through various strategies such as the incorporation of public art, creation of development centric icons, way finding directories, and increased walkability of the site and village as a whole. Working with Mundelein's 2017 Downtown North implementation plan, the Hezner Corporation was able to build on the village's previously laid framework to push the vision for what we now refer to as suburban urbanization, a concept to bring the conveniences of urban living and walkability to the heart of suburban communities. With over 2000 residences located in the central business district, a compact area adjacent to public rail transportation, the need for both entertainment venues and public amenities is great. While we at the Hezner Corporation understand that this project is conceptual at this time, the bank triangle sits as a diamond in the rough ready for the right partners to work with the Village to create a new vision for downtown Mundelein.

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