1. 1st National Bank, Cicero - A complete restoration of the original facility restoring it to its original classic design.
  2. AUSL Chicago Academy - Conversion of exisitng pool and locker room facilitys to  new multi-use recreation space and updated accessible locker room areas.
  3. American Enterprise Bank - A new modern two story banking facility.                                                
  4. Central Federal Savings - The  renovation of an early 1900's bank and apartment complex into a new multi-use building, with banking and residential components.
  5. Community Bank OPRF - Working with CBORF, The Hezner corporation has worked on multiple projects spanning decades. 
  6. Deerfield Police Station - Renovation of an existing police department to meet new programatic needs including accessible design requirements.
  7. Libertyville Township - Expansion of an existing public works facility to meet  the increased demands. 
  8. Lincoln Park Savings Bank- A continuation of a branch banking program in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.
  9. MB Bank- Archer - Continuation of a branch building program for the Garfield Ridge neighborhood. 
  10. MB Bank- Glenview - An ambitious Interior tenant buildout incorporating a complex banking program within a  2500 square foot floor area. 
  11. MB Bank- Lombard - A  2,600 square foot  branch bank featuring creative marketing  concepts.
  12. MB Bank- Milwaukee Ave. - A redevelopment of an existing facilty focusing on efficient  planning and future site potential. 
  13. MB Bank- Pilsen -  Continuation of a branch building program for the Pilsen neighborhood. 
  14. Park Ave. Corporate Park - Master Planning and development of a 17 acre site including the renovation and rehabilitation of an existing manufacturing facility.
  15. The Northern Trust - TNTB  at their downtown campus.                                                                   
  16. Waukegan Savings & Loan- Golf Road - Expansion and renovation of an existing facility to accommodate growing programatic needs.
  17. Waukegan Savings & Loan- Green Bay Road - A branch banking facility focused on creating a branding presence in the surrounding community.

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