Jamerson & Bauwens, Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a electrical contracting firm with their headquarters located in Northbrook, Illinois. Early in 2014, J & B came to Hezner/HCS with the goal of developing a new office warehouse facility in an existing building down the street from their current location. J & B wanted to reinvent how they looked, performed their daily office functions, and stored their project materials and equipment. The result was a move from a 30,538 sf. facility, with 12,000 sf of office space, into a 41,820 sf facility with a 13,820 sf. office componant. J & B wanted a custom contracting process that would allow them the freedom to pursue contracts in a prudent and creative way for their company. Being a successful Electrical Contracting Company, J & B wanted to self perform their electrical construction work. They also had other major contracting disceplines on board to perform contracting services at a significant discount. HCS worked with J&B to bid all disceplines composing the project to find out what the project would cost in a open bid process. Savings were identified for J&B based upon the work they would self perform and what their contracting relationships would be offering. HCS and J&B worked together to determine what HCS should charge for coordinating all donated and self performed work and what the overhead & profit should be based on the comprehensive scope of work. J&B also had a very short window in which to construct the project due to contractual obligations involving the buy/sell agreements involving the two properties. The result has been a compressed design and contruction process where Hezner provided comprehensive architectural services including all FF&E (furniture, finishes & equipment), and HCS contoured the construction process to meet J&B’s specific preferences, needs, and timeframes. J&B has commented that, even though “they work in the design and construction industry everyday, they rarely experience projects that are as efficiently executed and turn out so well.”

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